The power of games as a medium lies in the ability to introduce an element of playfulness, which makes a change in attitude possible.


Although the link between games and healthcare is often not the first association, games can in fact have a wide range of possible applications, making collaboration between the two fields a fruitful undertaking. Games can be used to add, expand or otherwise make a qualitative contribution for various purposes. But most important of all, the power of games as a medium lies in the ability to introduce an element of playfulness, which makes a change in attitude possible.

Serious games with this aim in mind can help patients with their rehabilitation process, provide new insights into their illness and help them address problems related to their illness. These positive effects, in turn, actively contribute to a rapid recovery, whereby existing methods are expanded and will eventually lead to shorter therapy.


Serious games can also be used in business environments, adding a playful and convincing character to otherwise boring product instructions or educational tools. In short, games have the power to make complex situations easier, exciting and fun.


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Yellow Riders is your helping hand in the development of applied and serious games. We can help you save time during the development of your game and prevent you from making classic but costly mistakes.

We use our extensive network of professionals to advise and facilitate companies that are involved in the development of applied games. Very often there are requests for serious Health games. The problem is that many of these specialized organizations lack the expertise or know-how to independently develop a game. Yellow Riders can help these organizations, connect the various parties involved, set up partnerships and provide these parties with advice or further expertise. This can save both money and valuable time and prevents unnecessary mistakes in the development of the game.

We offer you our expertise in the form of consultancy by assisting you during the entire process of game development. If you have a project related to healthcare and games, you can

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