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healing system.

R4Heal is the first worldwide initiative to offer patients a smart, healing hospital environment. After surgery, tailor-made care is provided, whereby personal characteristics and preferences are taken into account, using visuals, games, sounds and scents. This reduces postoperative pain, patients sleep better and move around more easily. As a result, they are released from hospital sooner and with renewed vitality.

R4Heal is a four-year collaboration between Radboudumc (university medical centre) and five SMEs: Relitech, Big4data, Yellow Riders, Centre4Moods and Arbol AI. Over the course of four years, and with the help of a subsidy from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), we are developing an interactive, made-to-measure patient environment.


Society is ageing and the demand for health care is increasing. The older patients need high quality health care. For example, after major surgery, around 50% of those patients suffer complications, such as infections, thrombosis and delirium. We have recently learned that a ‘healing’ environment is playing a large role in the

health and recovery of patients. New techniques and insights offer many possibilities to improve patient well-being



Our objective is simple: to offer all patients a pleasant and warm environment that will exactly suit their needs. Within this environment, we use various interactive techniques that measure and respond to the individual patients and give them control over their environment. In doing so, we focus on the four main domains of recovery: pain, stress, sleep and physical activity. As a result, patients are able to return home sooner and healthier than they would under traditional postoperative care

plug & play

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With R4Heal we turn bedside entertainments systems into a cloud driven healing system. We use a customized AppleTV (or Chromcast) to improve patient experience while reducing IT and medical staff involvement. Additionally the medical staff can communicate with the patient remotely or show MRI images, dayschedules, menu or other information from their smartphones.



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