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KL time.

R4Heal is the first worldwide initiative to offer patients a digital healing hospital environment.  This reduces postoperative pain, patients sleep better and move around more easily. As a result, they are released from hospital sooner and with renewed vitality.

R4Heal is a four-year collaboration between Radboudumc (university medical centre) and five SMEs: Relitech, Big4data, Yellow Riders, Centre4Moods and Arbol AI. Over the course of four years, and with the help of a subsidy from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), we are developing an interactive, made-to-measure patient environment.


Society is ageing and the demand for health care is increasing. The older patients need high quality health care. For example, after major surgery, around 50% of those patients suffer complications, such as infections, thrombosis and delirium. We have recently learned that a ‘healing’ environment is playing a large role in the

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