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Digitalization can make an important contribution to healthcare and we are trying to realize this potential. The purpose of Yellow Riders is to develop digital therapies that change behavior in a pleasant way. 

We specialize in motivation and behavioral change by implementing applied games in different contexts.

The starting point is the patient experience. Can a game be used to motivate the patient to maintain therapy? Can we change the patient's behavior? Does the patient recover faster?


We are the link between demand and the supply of digital therapies. We help to clarify the need based upon existing therapies and research and come up with concepts to solve the problem.

With a large network of developers, we produce and implement your Digital Therapy.

From advice, concept, project management to implementation, we take the entire process off your hands.

Through our massive datasets, machine learning and AI, the behavior of people can be objectively measured. This information provides pure insight into the activities of people, and provides a personalized treatment plan.

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